Gate Pass Order

Management Gate Pass system. The application takes care of all required module like Staff Registration, User Creation,Pass Formats,Hand Over Document,Report and Searching by Pass type, Vehicle Record, Appointment, Bar-code verification, departments,all incoming and outgoing items, Report can be exported in excel, word and PDF formats, card type can be generated like Green/Black ,Capture photograph of all visitors with web camera directly into system Visiting Card scanner, Managing complex assignments, easily retrieve data and easily etc.

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Gate Pass Features

User Creation, Staff Registration, Gate Pass Formats,Hand Over Document, Report and Searching by type etc.


Specifications & Features

  • Admin: User and User Right, Financial Year, Database Location, Database Utility.

  • Master: User Creation, Staff Registration, Visitor Master, Pass Formats, Import from Excel.

  • Pass: Pass Booking, Printer settings, Hand Over document, Export to Excel Searching by Ticket type

  • Report: Staff wise, Pass Type wise, day wise, Export to Excel Searching by Ticket type etc.

  • Single/Multiple User capacity: Yes

  • Communications: TCP/IP and USB

  • Support 32/64 bit

  • Also available MS Access/MS-SQL and Postgresql version.

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